Shillan Property



We offer three different levels of service, Introduction Only, Letting and Rental collection and Full Management. A brief description of each service is set out below. Fees stated are for guidance only and may be negotiable, please ask for a specific quote.

Introduction Only

(One off fee equivelant to 8% of six months rent plus VAT)

The property is advertised for let in all of the local property newspapers, it is also advertised on the UK’s top 3 property websites, Rightmove, Findaproperty and Primelocation.

Once a tenant is secured they will be asked to pay a holding deposit whilst references are taken. Applications will be filled out and faxed to our credit referencing agency Homelet. A report is normally returned to us within 24 hours. Once their reference has been received back a date will be fixed for the tenants to take possession of the property.

We will arrange for an Inventory to be done on the property if you have requested us to arrange it, and draw up a Tenancy Agreement to be signed by your tenant. We ask for cleared funds from the tenants to cover the rent in advance and deposit, this must be paid prior to check in. On the day of check in they will approve the inventory and the keys will be handed over. At this point we will read the meters and arrange for the utilities to be transferred into the tenant’s name. We will deduct our costs from the rent and the rest with deposit will be forwarded to you, you will then take responsibility for collecting the rent and managing the property for the rest of the term.

Letting and rental collection

(Fee normally 10% of monthly rent plus VAT)

In addition to the above we will continue to collect the rent for the remainder of the tenancy, we will chase up any late payments by phone and letter and forward the rent to you. You would still be responsible for any maintenance and ensuring the tenants adhere to the terms of their agreement.

Full management

(Fee normally 12.5% of monthly rent plus VAT)

In addition to the above we would check the property every three months to ensure it is being looked after. If any works are needed we will arrange this. Wherever possible we will check with you before going ahead unless it is an emergency situation. We use reliable contractors who are known to us and nothing is added to their costs for our time, you pay what they charge and no more!

Tenancy Agreements are provided free of charge. If you wish us to provide an Inventory we can do this. We use an independent Inventory Clerk who is fully insured for this, charges depend on size of property and level of furnishing, please ask for a quote.